Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thing #23 Wrapping Up

Since this is the "Wrap up" I have provided the presents. Hopefully, the MP3 player is what is inside of one of these gifts.

Just simply having a blog is something I would never have done. I will admit that I am looking forward to customizing it and making it my own once the challenge is over.

I think Flickr will be used the most--I have used U-tube and will continue to do so. I think that once I get my MP3 player, I will also upload some books from NJ Listen.

I enjoyed learning about the RSS and creating a page with frequently used websites.

What did I not enjoy? Easy--thing #15--was a little boring to plow through. I see my friends using Flickr and U-tube, perhaps podcasts. The Library can certainly use podcasts and delicious to keep track of good websites. Lots of things to take advantage of.

Thanks for expanding our horizons--would not have done this if you didn't set it up as a Challenge.

Ciao for now

Thing #22

I downloaded Pride and Prejudice on my sons MP3 player. I did this one because I currently watched the movies--both versions and would love to reread the book. I actually had my son help me--but pretty uneventful.
This is a great service for people to be able to access books and listen while they garden, do housework, etc.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Thing # 21 Pod Cast

This is a link to a comedy podcast. Like U-tube, you are able to listen at your leisure. If you miss the broadcast of something, you can catch it on a "pod-cast"

Thing #20 u-tube and you

Here is a link to a u-tube video I looked at.
American Idol David Archeleta--I enjoy finding things on U-tube. Have used it frequently.
If I miss AI, I like to see my favorites on there. :)